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About Us

Healing Arts Resource And Training Center

This is an overview of the concept plan for the H.A.R.T. Center.
Holoquest, Inc is a 501C3 approved educational non-profit started by Bob
Brame and will be DBA “H.A.R.T. Center”.
Bob lives in the country outside Mebane, NC on 50 acres along
Haw Creek and Little Haw Creek. Acreage was acquired in parcels since
2003. Bob has created a subdivision on 30 acres of the land called Winding Creek.

NC HART Festival

Deepen Connections, Inspire Growth, and Embrace Healing

This festival is a signature event of the HART Center (Healing Arts Resource and Training Center). The HART Center is committed to the growth and development of happier, healthier, and more effective human beings through understanding the fundamental connections between all humanity, the material world, the natural world, and beyond.

Your participation in the NC HART Festival will equip you with valuable tools, insights, and techniques to empower your journey of growth and self-discovery. Come to expand your consciousness, deepen your understanding, and embrace a holistic sense of well-being.

Event Details:

Reconnect With Yourself & Others

Live, Lead, Love, Work and Wonder while creating hope for living well




Our Purpose

Live Well

Lead Well

Love Well

Work Well

Wonder Well